TEDxlike evening

I wrote you some time ago about Trainers’ Forum that I was participating.

During this event we have opportunity to try our abilities in public speaking in english during TEDxlike evening and I decided to enrich my expieriences by this one more. So below you can find video with my presentation – I’m not perfectly glad about the quality of my speach but  there were 100 participants during the Trainers’ Forum and only, more or less, 10 decided, had a courage to present some „ideas worth spreading”.


If you are interested in trainings, I recommend you presentation of Krisztian Stancz about Perfect Training.


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  1. JayJay pisze:

    Congrats, on having the guts to say that. I’ve already read it somewhere (Tim Ferriss’s 4HWW I think?), but still it is a powerful idea!

  2. homepage pisze:

    I seldom comment, but i did a few searching and wound up here TEDxlike evening

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